Darn It! – An Introduction to Darning Workshop

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Zoom video

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to darn? Do you have a woolly jumper that needs some TLC? Is your favourite scarf looking a bit worse for wear?

Then join our online knitwear repair workshop from the comfort of your own home to learn from our expert repairer and a classroom of mending enthusiasts. You can get your tickets here: 

In this workshop via Zoom our textile repair expert will teach you how to repair holes in your knitwear using darning. You can repair along with us or use this as an opportunity to just learn more. Knitted items can be wool or cotton or even synthetic, and we will cover the techniques they can use with cotton embroidery floss as well as wool yarn and how and why they may want to choose different materials depending on the object they are darning.

What do I need to join the workshop?:

  • A darning needle or a sewing needle that has an eye big enough to fit your yarn
  • Yarn or thread in similar thickness to that of what you are repairing. You can try and match the colour and thickness of the item, or choose a different colour for a more visible mend
  • Something rounded to keep underneath such as an apple, a ladle or darning egg/mushroom
  • A knitted item to mend
  • A connection to Zoom – ideally you would have a webcam so you can show the instructor your progress and ask questions
  • You can get your tickets here

Once you register, we will send you out the details, including the zoom link. This event is ticketed because there is limited space so if you can’t attend please let us know at least 3 days in advance. If you have any questions regarding the workshop or the item you wish to repair, get in touch with LC on hello@remade.network .

More Information:

Remade Network campaigns and trains communities to set up reuse and repair centres. Our vision is to make repair education affordable to all – we will be developing more online workshops for you.