European rugby tournament celebrates sport, inclusivity and diversity

Teams from across Spain and England took part in the competition

From SEN member Tri Partnerships

Over the weekend, we embarked on our annual trip to Cullera, Spain to take part in the 3rd International Festival of Unified Rugby.

Teams from across Spain and England joined us in a celebration of sport, inclusivity and diversity. On the first night, we were welcomed in the Town Square of Cullera and treated to a dance choreographed by Indepen-dance, an inclusive dance company from Glasgow.

The following day it seemed we brought the Scottish weather with us as it proceeded to rain for most of the morning and early afternoon! However, this didn’t dampen our spirits and we were ready to play a great afternoon of inclusive rugby.

Our Scottish players mixed with our partners in Spain to create 2 mixed Spanish and Scottish Clans. This was a great opportunity for players to play with our partners in Spain.

In the evening, chefs from Cullera volunteered to partner up with a player/dancer to help them make paella as a part of a paella competition.

They all seemed to thrive in their new roles as chefs. On the final day, we were treated to a relaxing morning at the beach followed by a farewell BBQ.

Overall, this weekend encapsulated how important unified teams and groups are in enabling people to have opportunities they would never have had previously. We are so grateful to our partners in Spain for organising such an incredible weekend and we can’t wait to go back next year!