Enterprise Ready Fund open for applications now!

Enterprise Ready Fund open for applications now!
Foundation Scotland

We are pleased to inform you that the online application process is now open for applications.

There are four primary steps to submit an application for consideration;

1) Register here for with Foundations Scotland. 

2) Once you have registered please then log into the member’s page (top right had side of the Foundation Scotland home page).  Please ensure you use the login in button and do not rely on hitting the return key.

3) Select the Category of application you wish to apply for and progress through the application process.

4) Complete the application process carefully

a. Read and then begin the online application form if you believe you meet the eligibility criteria.

b. Complete the online applicant details and status section.

c. Download and save the application and proformas for sections 4 onwards.  Complete and save the application and proformas on your own PC and when you are confident that you completed your application move to the upload section. You can download the documents individually, or choose the group documents option.

d. To upload follow the instructions paying attention to the preferred naming conventions described in the instructions.

e. Finalise your application by submitting your application.

Please note that once you have hit the ‘submit’ button you will receive a confirmation email that confirms that your application has been received.  You will not be able to edit your application after submission and therefore you should be confident that you have uploaded the correct files and all of the required supporting documents.

In preparing your responses for you should read and note the contents of the:

Programme Information and Application Guidance Notes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At the end of each application form, in the glossary, there are some helpful descriptors which will help you to respond to each individual question.

If you have registered,   for e-bulletins, we will alert you when we update the FAQ’s and send you important fund information.  You can register for e-bulletins at http://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/programmes/the-enterprise-ready-fund.aspx.  You can also follow us on twitter @foundationscot.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the fund.

Many thanks and good luck,

The Enterprise Ready Team.