Energy Action Group

Energy Action Group
Development Trust Association Scotland

Is Your Social Enterprise being charged Unfair and Uncompetitive Energy Costs?


Many social enterprises are paying unnecessarily high (and rising) energy costs because of:
• The operation of roll-over contracts
• Utility companies favouring new, rather than existing companies
• Social enterprises being on the wrong energy rate and in many cases overpaying VAT
• Not enough time to search around for alternatives


In response to these issues, DTA Scotland and Touchstone Energy Management Services have launched the Energy Action Group to work on your behalf to lower your gas and electricity costs! How do we do this?


The Energy Action Group brings together the total energy consumption of those involved, to buy energy in bulk, at competitive rates, accessing a prime open market which is otherwise inaccessible to smaller organisations. DTA Scotland is already working with our sister organisations across the UK (a total of 650 development trusts!) and we are now opening up the scheme to interested social enterprises in Scotland.


This is a FREE service and as long as you remain a member, the Energy Action Group will review your energy contracts annually, saving you valuable time and money! 


In order that this process can be completed we will require some information from you e.g.:


• A ‘signed’ Letter of Authority (this does not commit you to a deal, this gives authority for Touchstone to investigate new tariffs on your behalf)
• A copy of your energy bills (so we can review your tariff/s)
• Annual energy consumption
• Contract end dates 


Please be assured that at the end of the process there is no obligation to sign if you still feel that you can source a cheaper supplier elsewhere.  


If you, or whoever deals with the energy bills in your social enterprise, would like to find out more, please contact: 


Claire McRae
Energy Action Group Administrator
DTA Scotland
Tel: 07947 557204


See full flyer here