Eat Sleep Ride – New SQA Opportunity


The team at Eat Sleep Ride are thrilled to announce that from September we will be offering an exciting, newly funded opportunity. We have designed a 10 week course aimed at students from 16 years of age onwards, who have a learning disability or other support needs. The course aims to support the development of key skills required for work, living, and leisure. The units will include horse riding, stable management and knowledge of tack.

Based on a new Borders College NCFE accredited course, each weekly 2 hour session will include learning focused on the skills accreditation unit, whilst also working with the person to build trust, leadership and communication. This in turn allows for the opportunity to develop and understand the importance of energy levels, body posture, presence and gestures.

The number will be limited to 6, and will be tailored to ensure strict health and safety regulations are met whilst we manoeuvre through this uncharted territory. The course will be led by an Equine Assisted Learning trainee and supported by 2 ESR team members.

Horses are a unique species with so much more to give; they are empathetic, powerful, engaging and communicative. Horses provide a strong and calm presence which can allow those around them to feel less anxious, and develop the confidence to communicate in effective ways. We have witnessed more transformative, life changing connections than we could ever list. Learning is always advanced when our emotions are ignited, and our ponies are masters at lifting us way above the ordinary and making us laugh, love and breathe.

For more information, please contact us via return email Danielle or call on 07516360235. We have a small pocket of funding for transport, and all options can be discussed. Due to the current crisis we would ask that we make suitable arrangements, which may mean that the care worker stays for the session.