Developing Markets for Third Sector Providers

Developing Markets for Third Sector Providers
Ready for Business

Welcome to the first e-newsletter from the team at Ready for Business. Over coming months we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with news and resources from the Developing Markets for Third Sector Providers programme. This programme is helping the public sector across Scotland to commission and procure in a way that maximises social value and gets the most from your relationship with the third sector. 





Award Winning
Ready for Business is in the spotlight again. After winning the prestigious Government Opportunities (GO) Scotland Award for Best Supplier Engagement Initiative, we were a finalist in this month’s national GO Awards. In the end our friends at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde / Brookfield Multiplex Construction went on to take the award for their work on the implementation of Community Benefit Clauses in the construction of the new South Glasgow Hospitals. Read more about this award winning initiative by clicking the link below.


Reducing Reoffending Change Fund
Ready for Business’ scope has now expanded to support the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund PSPs on behalf of Scottish Government.  They will now be working alongside the six successful PSPs to help deliver the £7.7m fund.  The scheme, which is intended to reduce the country’s reoffending rate, will be introduced into every prison in Scotland.  This is in addition to a number of other initiatives which will target prolific offenders locally through developing and improving services which improve outcomes for offenders and those at risk of offending.


Procurement Reform Bill: The Latest
The Scottish Government’s much-anticipated Public Procurement Reform bill will be introduced over coming months. We’ve been keeping an eye on developments. With consultation responses now being considered and the bill being shaped, a debate on the issues surrounding the bill took place in the Scottish Parliament on 17 April 2013. The full Official Report, containing the transcript from the debate (pages 13 – 37), is available on the Scottish Parliament’s website.  


Furthering the Use of Community Benefits Clauses
The team at Ready for Business is delighted to see Community Benefits Clauses being used ever more widely and continues to support implementation by public authorities across Scotland. In its latest move the University of Strathclyde will make use of these contractual clauses in its £30 million plus framework contracts for medium to large building works over the period 2011 – 2015. The University has included specific community benefit requirements in the Invitation to Tender (ITT) Documentation and in the evaluation process. With the framework contract now awarded, the focus will be on maximising community benefits through targeted recruitment and training, SME supplier development, social enterprise development. 





Measuring Social Value
The Ready for Business team is offering a further series of free and tailored training workshops to public sector commissioning and procurement teams. These sessions are designed to get you up to speed with methods of measuring and maximising social value through commissioning. Sessions include an Introduction to Social Value in Commissioning, Understanding Theory of Change and Logic Models, Making Use of Social Return on Investment (SROI), and Introducing the Value Game.



Case Studies


Public Social Partnerships (PSP) in Falkirk
Falkirk Council is one of the first local authorities in Scotland to embed a wide-ranging approach to strategic commissioning of Children Services based on the Public Social Partnership (PSP) model. Read about the benefits the PSP model brought to the Council and to third sector providersby clicking the link below..


Strengthening the Role of the Third Sector in Fife’s Public Services
Fife Council has developed an increasingly productive working relationship with the third sector through its Supporting Enterprising Communities programme. Read about how the continuing support for third sector providers got them more involved in commissioning and procurement of services by clicking the link below..


Partners for Change: Inverclyde
Inverclyde is the first Local Authority in Scotland to participate in the Partners for Change process; a high impact initiative to secure better local outcomes through improved collaboration with the third sector. Find out more about the learning from this programme and how its leading to changes for public and third sector partners by clicking the link below..





Public Social Partnerships 
What are Public Social Partnerships (PSP),why are they becoming successful and what do I need to know if I’m involved in one? Find out more by clicking the link below.


Community Benefit Clauses in Procurement
Do Community Benefit Clauses (CBC) clash with EU procurement law?