Designs on Scotland’s cities

Designs on Scotland’s cities





Top designer Jane Ripley, with extensive experience in film, television and exhibitions, has been appointed to lead a major festival of design in Scotland’s 6 cities in 2007.


The 6 Cities Festival, backed with £3 million from the Executive, will showcase and encourage native talent and promote Scottish achievement in a worldwide context.


Culture Minister Patricia Ferguson said:


‘Scotland is home to world-class designers and the creative industries support thousands of Scottish jobs generating millions of pounds for our economy.


‘The 6 Cities Festival will improve international perceptions of Scotland as a place which has a vibrant, forward looking design sector and help promote Scotland as a confident, modern country


6 Cities Project Director Jane Ripley said:


‘I am delighted to have been offered this exciting opportunity to lead this major festival of design in Scotland.


‘Scotland’s cities already display world-class examples of quality design and boast talented designers.


‘I want this festival to build on that strength and create an environment where quality design can realise its full potential.’


In February 2005, First Minister Jack McConnell announced an initiative to celebrate Design in each of Scotland’s 6 cities: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling. The aim of the Festival is to celebrate the contribution of design to the life of Scotland’s city regions.


Source: Scottish Executive