Delivering and Developing the SURF ‘Allicance for Action’ 2013-15

Delivering and Developing the SURF ‘Allicance for Action’ 2013-15
November 2014




As Scotland’s independent regeneration network, SURF shares the Scottish Government’s interest in exploring the evolving context and practical options for achieving more participative and sustainable community regeneration.


In March 2013, the Scottish Government committed support for SURF’s proposal to use its unique role, experience and cross sector networks to develop a collaborative ‘Alliance for Action’ initiative. The main specified aims were to:


● Enhance resilience and practical outcomes in the two communities of concerted focus i.e. Govan in Glasgow and Gallatown in Kirkcaldy;


● Identify learning and promote constructive debate on wider policy and resource considerations for supporting community regeneration in the continuing recessionary context.


The agreed approach was to build on the learning, cooperation, themes and examples identified and presented in the ‘Reality, Resources, Resilience’ report which was published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation as a SURF Programme Paper on 23 January 2013.




SURF appreciates the active support of all its partners in this initial development phase of its Alliance for Action initiative.


The above interim report indicates significant progress in achieving practical outcomes and in identifying learning applicable to wider improvements in policy and practice.


The content and timing of the programme is proving increasingly propitious as other important developments in participative governance, enterprise, and co-production evolve across Scotland.


In the coming months, SURF will liaise further with Scottish Government colleagues and with the Academic, Policy and Practitioner Panel (APPP) members in the production of a formal proposal for building on the success and scope of the Alliance for Action approach.


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