Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise

Cumnock Juniors Community Enterprise (CJCE) has provided an incredible service to their local community since lockdown began.  They have been part of a network of Community Resilience Hubs, working in partnership with East Ayrshire Council and Vibrant Communities to provide essential services to the most vulnerable.

CJCE were able to start up and stock a food larder and since the start of April have delivered over 60 emergency food parcels a week to households within their community.  Through social media, word of mouth and referrals from Vibrant Communities, the volunteer workforce at CJCE have reached hundreds of people in need.  They have received donations from local people and organisations as well as grants from funders.

Not only do they prepare and deliver the food parcels, their volunteers also engage in doorstep chats (socially distanced of course) and offer assistance in other ways, including the distribution of Covid 19 survival packs for children designed by Save the Children and dental hygiene packs from Childsmile at NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

Whilst they are busy providing essential services to the vulnerable, they are also keeping their members engaged virtually with fitness sessions and challenges and enthusiastically participated in the recent Volunteers Week, ensuring that their volunteers know how appreciated they are for all their efforts.  You can find out more about what they are up to on Twitter (@CJCEnterprise) and Facebook.