Consultation on future of Structural Funds in Scotland

Consultation on future of Structural Funds in Scotland

The Scottish Government consultation on the future of Structural Funds in Scotland was launched at the Annual Publicity Event on 14 May 2013. Presentations and discussions focused on the strategic, governance and delivery arrangements for the 2014-2020 European Structural Funds programmes.
The consultation runs until 30 June 2013.  A copy of the consultation document can be downloaded by following this link.  A copy of the powerpoint slides that accompanied Shane Rankin’s presentation at the publicity event, with annotations from the SCVO attendees, is available here.  Should you have any queries regarding the consultation, you can email the Scottish Government Future Funds team at
Many of you will have attended the publicity event and will be aware that there was almost universal acknowledgement from the public sector participants (both national and local) of the vital role that the third sector plays in delivering the objectives of the Structural Funds, particularly to Harder to Reach groups in our communities.
Never-the-less there remain concerns that the sector’s interests (and the interests of the client groups we are committed to support) will only be fully promoted if  the sector is in a position to participate at all levels of the decision making process.  SCVO will continue to pursue this issue with the Scottish Government.
Information on the parallel consultation on the Scottish Rural Development Programme can be viewed following this link

Scotland’s Third Sector and the 2014 -2020 Structural Funds Programmes: a National Conversation
26th June, 2013
11.00am – 3.00pm
Station Hotel, Perth
As previously advised SCVO has secured Technical Assistance funding from the Scottish Government to explore options on how the Third Sector could optimise its participation in and best support the objectives of the 2013 – 2020 Structural Funds Programme.
Throughout this project we are committed to engage with as many representatives of the sector as possible. As a contribution to sector-wide participation we would wish to invite all interested parties to a national conversation event. This event will be an opportunity to review and critique and comment on the work undertaken to date prior to submission of a draft report to the structural Funds division of the Scottish Government.
Further information on the project and booking details for this event will be circulated next week.