Conservative ‘philosopher king’ advocates ‘new kind of capitalism’

Conservative ‘philosopher king’ advocates ‘new kind of capitalism’
The Telegraph

An adviser to David Cameron, dubbed the ‘philosopher king’, has told the Conservative Party to embrace a new kind of capitalism to help ‘ordinary people’.

Philip Blond is to appear alongside Mr Cameron to argue that Britain must be rebuilt around community values.

He has already been nicknamed the ‘Red Tory’ for advising the party to put tackling poverty at the heart of their message, and now wants a new kind of capitalism which gives more people access to markets.
Launching his think tank, ResPublica, with Mr Cameron on Thursday, he will say ordinary working people have been crowded out from wealth and entrepreneurship.

However, it is thought some party traditionalists will see his scathing criticism of 1980s free-market capitalism as an attack on the legacy of Lady Thatcher.

Mr Blond believes slashing the power of big private-sector firms is the only way to help the less well-off.

He will highlight areas such as banking, supermarkets and public-sector contracts as areas of ‘monopoly dominance’.

Mr Blond will argue they should be handed over to social enterprise or community interest companies modelled on the John Lewis partnership, where employees have a stake in the business.

‘It’s about capitalising on our two biggest assets – the insight and dedication of front-line staff and the engagement and involvement of citizens and communities,’ he told the Daily Mail.

Mr Blond will condemn the modern state for destroying the respectable working class and promoting a form of multiculturalism which divides rather than integrates society.

‘The state has bailed out the banking system but has proved incapable of saving its own citizens from debt and servitude,’ he will say. ‘Moreover the state has arrested social mobility and destroyed the structures of working class advancement.

‘And in the absence of a common British narrative that unites all peoples and classes; proper respect for other cultures and traditions has collapsed into a state sanctioned multiculturalism that has produced antagonistic communities and licensed the return of extremism and racism.’

A spokesman for Mr Cameron said: ‘The fact that David Cameron is appearing at this event doesn’t mean that he endorses all of Phillip Blond’s views.’