Confidence in giving recovers

Confidence in giving recovers





More than half a million Scots would now consider donating to charity, following the success of the recent ‘Giving Scotland’ campaign.


The campaign – the result of a collaboration of 14 Scottish charities, along with SCVO and the Institute of Fundraising – was launched in December 2003 to encourage the public to keep supporting charities.


‘Scots have always been astoundingly generous towards charities and, in 2001, they donated over £258m to charity,’ said Fiona Duncan, spokeswoman for Giving Scotland and chair of the Institute of Fundraising for Scotland.


‘Faith in charities was shaken, however, following the publication of a number of stories which highlighted the activities of a small number of rogue charities. Giving Scotland was launched in order to counter this adverse publicity and, I’m delighted to say, it has been an overwhelming success, reaching 70% of Scottish adults an average of five times.


‘The key findings of our research into the Giving Scotland campaign found that more than 500,000 people in Scotland are now likely to give to charity. This is an extremely good result and shows the impact we have made in just a three month period.’


‘Giving Scotland has also been talking to the sector and found that during and since the campaign, charities have reported higher returns in public collections, good results in Christmas appeals and sell-out events. There has also been increased numbers of people requesting annual reports and, in general, charities’ phones are ringing again.’


Source: TFN