Community trusts see fall in income from 2006

Community trusts see fall in income from 2006
Jamie Carpenter, Regeneration and Renewal


Figures provided to the DTA’s annual member survey by a group of 65 trusts reveal that their average total income fell from £1,020,227 in 2006 to £1,000,429 this year. In all previous years since 2004 the trusts have seen annual income rises.

But, according to the survey, conducted in partnership with Regeneration & Renewal, the average earned income of development trusts – which includes trading and contracts but not grants – rose from £375,676 to £425,609 over this period.

DTA assistant director Steve Clare said the figures reflected the impact of declining grant income on development trusts. He said: ‘Local authorities are reducing their core grant programmes and are moving more to contracts.’

He added that the end of the Single Regeneration Budget and a fall in available European Union funding were also having an impact on trusts’ income.
According to the survey, 36 per cent of development trusts derive at least part of their income from delivering public services. But 64 per cent of those trusts said that the contracts did not cover the full costs of delivering the services.

The DTA’s annual conference takes place in Oxford next week.