Community Shares: Taking Ownership Local

Community Shares: Taking Ownership Local
Development Trusts Association

Coin Street Community Centre, Southbank, London -Join us for a free afternoon policy seminar followed by an evening reception

The Community Shares Programme

The Community Shares Programme is a two-year action research project investigating how members of the public can invest in enterprises that serve a community purpose.

Since its launch in January 2009, the Programme has contributed to the rapid growth of interest and activity in community investment culminating in a sevenfold increase
in community share schemes in 2009 with 28 enterprises launching community share offers, compared to only four in the first half of the decade. In addition, at least another 50 community groups are also known to be exploring the option of community investment.

From farming, football and pubs, to community retail stores and renewable energy, community investment is proving to be an excellent way of financing enterprises that serve a community purpose.

This policy seminar will:

*bring together the initial findings from the OTS and CLG backed action research into community shares led by the DTA, CooperativesUK and the SROI UK Network.
*share community activists stories of their own journeys with expert research findings covering the explosive growth in the market and the challenges encountered along the way.
*provide the very latest thinking on a growth market for community finance and make recommendations for the future development of this market.

Who Should Attend?

This event will benefit key decision-makers and policy advisors; social finance specialists; social enterprise advisors and community activists interested in setting up community share schemes.

See link for the full Seminar Agenda