Community Right to Buy

Community Right to Buy
Jura Stores

Jura’s Community shop will open for business at 1pm on Monday 25th March 2013.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project – this really has been a team effort and it wouldn’t have been possible with out all the help and support from the community.

The Background

Jura Stores is the only general stores on the island of Jura. In 2012 the shop went up for sale. Please read on to see how the community plan to keep their shop!

The research

Comments and ideas from the community of Jura have been collected through community consultations, open days, public meetings and a community ballot. The common theme through all of the discussions is that Jura needs a shop.

Throughout the UK community shops, in various forms, are thriving. There are currently 301 open in the UK with no closures in 2012. Only only 13 community owned shops ever closed, indicating a 95% survival rate. This compares extremely positively with estimations for UK small businesses nationally, which are estimated to have a 5 year survival rate of 46.8% (A Better Form of Business 2012 – Plunkett Foundation).

The proposal

Isle of Jura Development Trust are proposing to buy Jura Stores on behalf of the community. The building will be refurbished to increase sales space, make it more accessible, make it energy efficient and able to last into the future. The shop will be run as a sustainable business for the benefit of the community and controlled by the community. This page provides some further detail on how the project will work, although all of the activity is dependent on funding being secured and the successful purchase of Jura Stores.

The purchase

On 9th January 2013 Scottish Ministers approved the Community Right to Buy (Part 2 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003) application submitted by Jura Development Trust. If you would like to know more about Community Right to Buy, please visit the Scottish Government website

The Community Right to Buy process requires that missives and transferring funds for the purchase of Jura Stores takes place no later than 26th March 2013. This is the date that Jura Development Trust and our funders are working towards.

An offer of purchase was made by JDT on 22nd February 2012.  The offer was accepted and the shop will transfer on Friday 22nd March 2013.


At part of the Community Right to Buy process, a community ballot was held on the island to establish if residents supported the purchase of Jura Stores by the Isle of Jura Development Trust with a view to running a community shop from the premise.  All people who are eligible to vote at local government elections on the Isle of Jura were included in the ballot. The data was taken from the Full Register of Electors as issued at 3rd September 2012 for area AA20 (Jura) provided by Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute valuation Joint Board. The ballot was managed by Islay and Jura Council of Voluntary Services.

173 votes sent out
7 returned unopened (no forwarding address etc)
139 ballots received
107 yes
31 no
1 spoiled
76.9% yes

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