Community Asset Transfer Strategy

Community Asset Transfer Strategy

Moray Council


Purpose of the Strategy


This strategy describes the Council‟s approach to Community Asset Transfer.


The term ‟community asset transfer‟ relates primarily to ownership arrangements at less than best consideration to voluntary / community organisations (VCOs).


The Council views community asset transfer positively for the following reasons:


Benefits to the local community:


• It devolves power to neighbourhoods in an effort to encourage citizen involvement and community action.


• It can contribute towards the regeneration of communities and can act as a catalyst for social, environmental and economic regeneration (including the development of community enterprise).


• Changing ownership or management offers opportunities to extend the use of a building or the piece of land, increasing its value in relation to the number of people benefiting and the range of opportunities it offers.


• It can stimulate the involvement of local people in shaping and regenerating their communities, and can be a catalyst for local volunteering and increasing community cohesion.


• The process of community asset transfer can build confidence and capacity amongst the individuals involved, and can support the creation of community leaders, and inspire others to improve their community.


Benefits to the Council and other public service providers:


• The activities that are stimulated or safeguarded by community asset transfer almost always contribute to Council objectives. Working in partnership with VCOs can help the Council to achieve the outcomes set out in the Single Outcome Agreement


• It can contribute towards efficiency savings (e.g. achieving revenue savings by releasing surplus property), and drive the diversification of public services in an era of austerity and challenging spending settlements for local government.


• It can contribute to the Council‟s objective to rationalise its estate and facilitate more effective and efficient use of its asset base, where the focus is on better services and community outcomes as a result of strategic asset management.


• It can be a stimulus for partnership working between VCOs, the Council and other partners and can improve the provision and accountability of services within communities (e.g. clustering service providers in community owned hubs).


Benefits to the VCO:


• It has potential to create stronger, more sustainable VCOs, which can create a wide range of benefits for the communities they serve. An asset can provide a VCO with financial security, recognition, and management capacity.


• It can result in the creation of a new organisations (and potentially Council/VCO joint ventures) with the ability to lever in additional resources, which would be unavailable to the Council acting independently.


The Council recognises the multiple benefits of Community Asset Transfer and will be proactive in using asset transfer as one of the tools at its disposal, both to support the voluntary sector and resilient and empowered communities and help meet the strategic objectives of the Council; particularly in terms of service transformation and realising efficiencies. The Council, therefore, aims to create a transparent, positive and proactive framework to enable asset transfer from the Council (and its partners) to VCOs to happen and be successful in the long term.


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