Commitment to Integrity

Commitment to Integrity



(from the website of NESsT – Non-profit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team)


An important goal of the SEE INIT is to increase discussion around critical ethical issues in the social enterprise field. In 2000, NESsT published Commitment to Integrity: Guiding Principles for Nonprofits in the Marketplace, the first ‘code of ethics’ designed to help social enterprise leaders recognize and better prepare for the unique ethical challenges of entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector. Commitment to Integrity was developed by NESsT in collaboration with colleagues in Europe, Latin America and the United States.


Commitment to Integrity is an evolving document intended to be discussed and revised for use by practitioners. One key component of the SEE INIT is to widen the distribution, discussion, and use of Commitment to Integrity among social enterprise donors and practitioners. We encourage you to use and adapt the ideas within the document to your unique needs. NESsT is distributing Commitment to Integrity for free — we only ask that users quote and cite NESsT accordingly. No part of Commitment to Integrity may be sold in any form or reproduced for sale without prior written permission of NESsT.


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