Co-operatives Fortnight

Co-operatives Fortnight
Ed Mayo, Cooperatives UK

I hope you may be interested in my new venture, now underway, which is the UK’s first ever Co-operatives Fortnight.

It is the first time that the co-operative sector has ever come together to run a national campaign to promote co-operation as a contribution to business, society and the environment. We now have one hundred events up and down the country over the coming Fortnight.

Alongside this, Co-operatives UK, which I joined six months ago, is launching a series of reports on co-operation itself. The first, which I put together, is on neighbourliness, which has been covered in all the press. We have reports on food and football to come (including launch of the first English translation of FC Barcelona’s constitution, as a co-operative), a major document on the UK’s co-operative economy, research on perceptions of fairness in the UK, plus thinkpieces coming up from Oliver James, Geoff Mulgan and Carey Oppenheim.

The FT has covered the launch of Co-operatives Fortnight this morning. Next Saturday, Will Hutton, Phillip Blond and Richard Wilkinson will kick off a co-operatives summit in Plymouth.

Our aim for this year is to make more people aware of co-operatives. So it would be great if you could, in a small way, support Co-operatives Fortnight. It doesn’t have to take much, but here are five easy-to-do options:
*       Forward this email to others
*       Visit the website:
*       Join the Facebook page:
*       Put information about the Fortnight on your website or blog
*       Attend a Co-operatives Fortnight event. The list’s here:

This is the first year, so we’re learning a lot very quickly. But the key thing for us is to get as many people hearing about the Fortnight and co-operatives as possible. We want everyone to join in, be inspired and be co-operative!