Citizen’s Assembly

Citizen’s Assembly
National Council for Scotland
June 2014

A proposal for a National Council for Scotland… in the event of negotiations for independence or potentially to agree more powers for the Scottish Parliament in the event of a No vote.

This proposal is not intended as a case either for or against independence, it is a proposal in favour of a participatory Scotland. It focuses on issues which may arise very quickly and may have to be addressed equally quickly in the event of a Yes vote. However the participatory process it outlines represents an approach to decision making which would represent a leap forward in democratic decision-making irrespective of whether there is a Yes or No vote.

The opportunity
Traditional modes of decision-making, small groups of people with similar views coming to conclusions in private, have been shown to be seriously flawed ways of making good decisions. These non-transparent, non-inclusive processes have resulted in the UK recording worryingly low levels of trust in politics and political processes. The opportunity is to recognise that these processes are chosen not because of a lack of alternatives but despite the existence of alternatives. Practices of decision-making which include much wider and more representative groups of citizens are well-established and have been shown to be effective.

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