Charity’s £55 pay offer to volunteers

Charity’s £55 pay offer to volunteers 





A volunteering charity will pay young people in Scotland £55 per week if they make a full-time commitment to contribute to the community.


Project Scotland, which was launched last week, acts as a portal, connecting young people to volunteering opportunities. It aims to recruit 450 volunteers from the 16-25 age group in its first year.


Volunteers will have to commit to placements of between three to 12 months to get the allowance.


The Scottish Executive granted £1.9 million to pay for the scheme’s start-up costs, and will provide a further £7 million to pay for running costs in 2005/06 and 2006/07.


Project Scotland chair Julia Ogilvy said: ‘Every community in the country could potentially benefit – whether through a project in the local area or through local young people getting involved.’


First minister Jack McConnell said: ‘Over the next 15 years, thousands of volunteers will help others across the country.’


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Source: Regeneration & Renewal magazine