CFINE, winner of ‘Scottish Social Enterprise of the Year Award 2019’

CFINE, winner of ‘Scottish Social Enterprise of the Year Award 2019’, are opening Aberdeen’s third of its kind, pantry-style food scheme on Thursday the 21st of November, at their premises. The Best Start and Smile Community Food Pantry provides access to fresh and healthy food and aims to improve oral health.

The pantry will be the main element of a concerted program, Key aspects of the programme, in which awareness and practical steps promoting good oral health are integral, will include:

  • Establish a ‘Best Start and Smile Food Pantry’ where those entitled to claim Best Start Foods (families with young children) can access the range of produce at a greatly reduced cost as well as free FareShare produce.
  • Promoting good oral health practice across CFINE’s partners’ social media platforms and various other awareness raising methods including ‘Making Every Opportunity Count’, training for all front line public/voluntary sector staff, raising awareness of the importance of oral health and how to ‘spot and refer’, building on the ‘Child Smile’ programme.
  • A programme of healthy cooking on a budget training  at “Cook in the Nook” and other venues in Torry  targeted at parents with under 5’s and including working with Midwifery services on  a “Baby Steps” programme targeted at pre- and post- natal women which includes physical activity (walking primarily) and learning to cook healthy, nourishing meals for their families and infants; promoting oral health to be incorporated potentially including  further community growing projects, further promoting local, healthy produce.

Members of the Pantry will pay the annual membership fee of £3 (The first 30 people to sign up to the Best Start and Smile Pantry will get the first year’s membership for free) and an additional cost of £2.50 per weekly shop. Those who sign up will be entitled to one shop of 10 items per week, which will have the value of £20 at least. All members will have an opportunity to get an equal share of fish, meats, fresh fruit, vegetables and other goods.

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