Call for microgeneration of renewable power

Call for microgeneration of renewable power 





Small scale renewable technologies could provide more than a third of the UK’s electricity needs and significantly reduce household carbon emissions, a government-commissioned report has found.


The report claims that micogeneration such as mini wind turbines and solar panels could potentially provide 30-40 per cent of electricity needed in Britain by 2050.


It also finds that such technologies could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent per year.


The study was produced by the Energy Saving Trust to inform the Department of Trade and Industry’s Low Carbon Building programme and microgeneration strategy, due to be unveiled next spring.


Welcoming the report, energy minister Malcolm Wicks said: ‘I would like more micro wind turbines, solar panels and other technologies on schools, homes and businesses as they can make a real difference in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.’


British Wind Energy Association small wind officer Mari Martiskainen said it gave government a clear signal on the support needed to make microgeneration work.


Potential for Microgeneration, study and analysis can be viewed be clicking here.


Source: Planning Resource