Bunchrew Land Declaration

Bunchrew Land Declaration
Community Land Scotland
March 2014

Community Land Scotland has adopted a declaration following a meeting at Bunchrew House, Inverness in March 2014 involving land policy and reform interests from Scotland, the rest of the UK and internationally.

Having shared Scotland’s land experience and learned of initiatives and events internationally in land reform, and recognising Scotland lags behind most countries in Europe in delivering reformed land ownership patterns, Community Land Scotland has re-affirmed its commitment to the just cause of establishing new land ownership patterns in Scotland and a people centred approach to land governance in support of the common good.

Community Land Scotland has called on established land owning interests to recognise the manifest unfairness of current land ownership patterns in Scotland and is citing international agreements which legitimise nation states intervening in land ownership to bring about greater fairness and land justice.

Community Land Scotland has pledged itself to work with other interests in Scotland and more widely to learn from others and to share with others Scotland’s experience of the land ownership question.The full declaration can be accessed on Community Land Scotland’s website www.communitylandscotland.co.uk/