Building skills for the future

Building skills for the future 
Date: 10.12.10

Venue: Microsoft offices, Waverley Gate, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG

Event Agenda


10.00am- Delegate arrival & registration


10.20am- Introduction to Social Enterprise Skills Exchange

10.35am- Morning workshops (choose one from list below)
1. Legal Issues: Alan Dunipace,  Senscot Legal
i. “Things you may not have thought of since setting up the company” including some basic employment/governance/regulatory issues.  The workshop will try to point people in the correct direction for first steps in terms of sources of information and advice.


2. P.R.: Ann Confrey,  Proscot PR
i. How to build a reputation and raise awareness of your products and services. The workshop will cover: ‘What is PR?’ ‘Doing it yourself’, ‘Choosing an Agency’ and ‘Making Social Media Work for You’.


3. Networking: Mel Harris,  The Performance Tree
i. “Networking for Success or how to make people feel relaxed and comfortable in your company Mel will introduce you to some top tips from her Flirting4Success programmes on how you can become a radiant and recognised networker before demonstrating those principles through your participation in the Beehive networking game.”


11.35am- Coffee break


11.50am- Networking session- The Beehive Game


12.40pm- Lunch


1.30pm- Afternoon workshops (choose one from list below)
1. Website & Social Networking: Cameron Leask, ESCRIVO
i. “Getting the best out of websites and social networking”


2. Intellectual Property: Alan Garratt, ICASS
i. “Intellectual Property in the Business Context”.  Every business has some form of Intellectual Property (IP). Patents are not the only forms of IP and consideration has to be given to other forms of IP, such as Copyright issues in all its forms- Trade Marking to ensure you either protect your brand, company name or service, or indeed not infringe someone else’s trademark. Design protection for the look of a product if you produce something which could be protected. The ownership of IP has also to be carefully considered and clarified at the outset of any business venture. 


3. Branding: Adam Purvis, Ignite
i. “Create powerful branding that works on both a hard-headed business level and an emotional one”


2.30pm- Coffee break


2.45pm- SESE facilitated session


3.45pm- Final remarks and thank you


4.00pm- Close


Please RSVP to:
or call: 0131 221 2990