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Percentage of Young Adults In Europe, aged 25-34, Who Still Live With Their Parents



The map above shows how many young European adults (25-34) still live at home with their parents. Not surprisingly, there are large North-South and East-West divides. These can likely be explained for two reasons.


First, Mediterranean countries, such as Italy and Greece, have strong family focused societies that don’t have the same stigmas attached to living at home with your parents once you’re an adult.


Second, the financial crisis is likely also partially responsible, since countries that were hit the hardest also saw the biggest rise in those living with their parents.


Based on the data, Slovakia has the highest rate of those still living at home at 56.6%, while Denmark had the lowest rate at just 1.8%. The UK at 14.4% is in the bottom third and only marginally higher than the US (13.9%).