SE Conference Breakout Session

Breakout Sessions

  1. Branding and Marketing – BOLD

Social enterprises can have the best products, and people who want to buy from them, but without brand-led marketing, those customers simply won’t know they are there and they will struggle.  Branding and advertising has traditionally been seen by the third sector as a dark art used by the private sector to make us buy things we don’t want.  But good brand led campaigns are about making things happen.  We have found that powerful messages well told can make a huge difference.  BOLD is Scotland’s first social enterprise full service branding and marketing agency with experience from small enterprises to large housing associations.  This workshop will explore strategic ways to ensure your message is communicated and your products reach the right market place.

  1. Cultural Strategy Session – Jennifer Hunter, Culture Counts

The Culture strategy will create an overarching framework to support the long-term development of culture in Scotland.  The strategy will position culture as having intrinsic value and contributing both directly and indirectly to the health, wealth and success of our nation, de-fining Scotland as a diverse and distinct society with creativity and innovation at its heart. This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to engage in the strategy consultation process.

  1. Joint Thematic SEN – Senscot SEN Coordinators

This year Senscot is producing a series of Briefing Papers to highlight the contribution that social enterprise makes to a range of policy areas and showcase the valuable work delivered. This session will – provide an opportunity to feedback on the briefings developed so far; shape the forthcoming briefings; consider how we maximise the benefit for SEN members.

  1. U>P Unlocking Potential – Assist Social Capital (ASC)

Over the next year, ASC is going to be delivering a pilot on U>P (Unlocking Potential) to demonstrate impact with 4 SENs – GSEN, DSEN, ESE and the Health SEN. We believe this will provide a broader understanding of the impact the SENs have for their members and the wider sector as well as the benefits that this evaluation approach can bring to Scotland’s social enterprise sector by demonstrating the tremendous impact that the sector brings to Scotland. The theme of this year’s Ceilidh ‘Collaborating towards a Sharing Economy’ is a great opportunity to invite SEN members and other stakeholders to take a closer look at U>P and find out more about this new Impact Evaluation methodology that has been developed.

  1. Partnership for Procurement Session – P4P Team

At present, only around 20% of SEs in Scotland bid for public sector contracts – and these tend to be the larger organisations. However, through working together, smaller organisation could also be better placed to bid for such contracts. This workshop will enable you to explore what’s involved in partnership working / collaboration and what you can achieve by working together when bidding for contracts. You will hear more about P4P and the range of third sector support available. If you want to find out more about using collaboration and building trading relationships – then this workshop is for you.