Breakdown of Scottish Govt ‘Early Actions’

Breakdown of Scottish Govt ‘Early Actions’
Scottish Government
Febuary 2017


Breakdown of funding allocated as part of Scottish Govt ‘early actions’ in support of SE Action Plan


Delivery Partner

Project/ Activity

Investment Sought




Social Enterprise Academy

Futures Programme


Demand for the Academy’s schools programme is outstripping resources available.  This funding will support early recruitment of a programme leader in Southern Scotland and Highlands and Islands.


Community Leadership and Collaboration – Path Finder Programme


Delivery of person-centred community leadership activity to build confidence and capabilities in establishing and delivering social enterprise models of business.

·         Edinburgh Tenant’s Federation

·         Development Trusts Association Scotland

·         Scottish Prisons and Positive Prison, Positive Futures

·         Community Enterprises



Social Innovation Competition


To support the continuation of this social entrepreneurial competition.  The Cabinet Secretary announced last year’s winners at the Scottish Parliament, including ‘Pianos on Prescription’.




Supporting Scotland’s only accelerator programme for early stage social enterprises, in partnership with BIG Lottery Fund who will provide an equal contribution to  the programme in 2017-18.


Vital Spark


Place-based entrepreneurial initiative focused in Dunoon, Rothesay and Campbeltown, in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise who will provide an equal contribution to the programme in 2017-18.


Highlands and Islands Enterprise Zone (HISEZ)

Social Impact Hub


Impact Hubs are a global network of independent co-working spaces, providing spaces for collaboration and knowledge sharing between social enterprises.  There are 86 across the world, with three in London and one in England.


Scottish Institute for Enterprise

The Innovation Challenge 2017


Working with the University of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee to provide inspiration and motivational challenges for students which are both societally and economically relevant, as part of their final year project or dissertation.


Community Enterprise in Scotland

Scotland’s Social Enterprise Census 2017


The biennial Social Enterprise Census provides the most comprehensive picture of the scale, characteristics and contribution social enterprise makes to Scotland.  Results of the 2017 census will be made available using an interactive ‘open government’ style website.

Working with a wide variety of partners, with in-kind and financial contributions from Social Firms Scotland, BIG Lottery Fund, Firstport, Social Enterprise Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Social Enterprise Academy.


Social Enterprise International Observatory


Building on networks and knowledge established with key international partners, from Canada to Ireland, Italy to Australia, the International Observatory, based in Glasgow, will promote Scotland’s unique approach, identify opportunities for new social enterprise business-to-business trading relationships, collect best practice and distribute knowledge for the benefit of the sector.



Application of the Italian model of Consortia to Scotland’s Social Enterprise Networks


The Italian social co-operatives model has proven effective across northern Italy.  In Scottish terms, this project will involve establishing a series of regionally-based consortia amongst individual Social Enterprise Networks.  This will help sustain smaller social enterprises as they seek to expand and develop services, fostering new approaches to the delivery of local services.


Senscot, in partnership with Social Firms Scotland and Scottish Community Alliance

Social Enterprise Procurement Hub for Community Enterprise


To establish a resources hub of expertise for smaller, locally-based community and social enterprises, support – including tender writing and technical support – will be tailored to individual needs.  The results of this work will inform our strategic approach to the provision of business support in the medium to longer-term.


Social Firms Scotland in partnership with Senscot

EU Social Entrepreneurship Network 2016-18


This small bursary will allow Social Firms Scotland and Senscot to represent the social enterprise community of Scotland at the EU Social Economy Network, building on previous activity through the EU EQUAL Programme.


Senscot Legal – a social enterprise subsidiary of Senscot

Good Governance Guidelines for Social Enterprises


Every social enterprise must have a clear vision of good governance in order to succeed.  Whilst England and Ireland have produced guidelines, there is no specific publication for Scotland.  This accessible guidance will cover: legal structures (pros and cons of each), governance aspects (e.g. decision-making and legal compliance) and equality benchmarks and best practice.


Development Trusts Association Scotland

Financial Literacy for Development Trusts


Programme to build the financial literacy and entrepreneurship of development trust


Collaboration and Consortia Lead for Development Trusts


To allow early recruitment of a dedicated lead to work amongst development trust leaders to build relationships and consortia, providing support and co-ordination of tenders. The results of this work will inform our strategic approach to the provision of business support in the medium to longer-term.


Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Business Confidence Monitor


Aligned to the Census 2017, the establishment of this Social Enterprise Business Confidence Monitor will provide evidence around attitudinal changes relating to expectations of turnover, profit, employment, investment, skills and sustainability.


Social Value Lab

Establishing a Scottish Measure of Social Impact


Measuring social impact is key to understand, promote and enhance Scotland’s social enterprise contribution.  This work will review existing frameworks and approaches in consultation with key stakeholders in the public, third and private sectors, providing a holistic picture of methodologies currently used and recommendations for how to align these into a common approach.


Social Enterprise Strategy Steering Group, led by Senscot

Co-production and delivery of Social Enterprise Action Plan (2017-2020)


With in-kind contributions made from across the social enterprise sector, this work builds on the co-production and delivery of Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy, delivering a new publication outlining phase one of delivery over the period 2017-2020.


Social Investment Scotland

Supporting social mission-led Entrepreneurship


This programme is in response to the emerging movement in ‘mission-led’ social entrepreneurship, particularly amongst millennials seeking to put social value at the heart of their organisation’s mission.  Activity includes:

Building Awareness – workshops engaging young people, universities, business schools, professional bodies, investors and business advisors.

Collaboration – the establishment of a new urban-based ‘Social Impact Hub’ (see HISEZ proposal) and

Access to Finance – building on the Social Investment Tax Relief Fund, unlocking capital investment for use by high social impact organisations in Scotland.




Social enterprise leaders often find it hard to access finance, due to lack of knowledge, skills or resources.  This initiative aims to provide tailored support, responsive to need, to SIS’s database of social enterprise leaders who have expressed a strong interest in access social investment.


Market Realisation Programme


Building on the highly successful ASDA initiative.  This programme will take a sector-specific approach to delivering ‘Buy Social Academies’ focussing on consumer markets.  Cohorts of from similar sectors will be brought together with activity and networking opportunities delivered by products and retailing experts.



Social Investment Impact Partnership


The Social Impact Investment Partnership model enables communities to invest in solutions to local issues, recouping investment once specific outcomes are met.  This funding will promote this innovative model, securing delivery, investment and outcome partners in order to showcase its potential nationally – building on the success of Living Balance Social Impact Bond project in Perth YMCA.


Melting Pot

Social Innovation Programme


Clare Carpenter, Scotland’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, aims to build on concept of the Good Ideas Academy by providing a ‘Intrepreneurship Camp’.  This dedicated space for social innovators will encourage the development of new products or services among peers, providing headspace to critique their thinking and support innovation.  In addition, Melting Pot plans to provide a large, full day event in the summer of 2017 to bring together social innovation leaders in a TED style event, sharing inspirational stories of social innovation and providing masterclasses around key themes.


Internationalisation – The Coworking Canvas


To further develop Melting Pot’s offering on the international market, the co-working canvas (the business model for its highly successful coworking spaces) will be further developed, refined and packaged for export to international markets.  In addition, a small bursary element will allow its founder to take her experience overseas at key coworking and social innovation events to reach new markets.


Public Social Partnerships

Game Changer – NHS Lothian


Working in partnership to harness the power of football to tackle inequalities and promote social justice.  A capital allocation of £80,000 will enable the ground floor space within the North Stand at Hibernian FC to transformed into a ‘GameChanger Health and Wellbeing Village”.  This space will include a custom GP practice, community health and social care centre and space for community events.  Resource and contributions in kind have been provided by Hibernian FC and NHS Lothian.


Strathclyde Partnership for Transport Capital Investment


There is recognition by key transport stakeholders that there is a lack of community transport provision in North Ayrshire.  This long-term partnership between third and statutory sectors looks to provide co-ordinated, efficient and sustainable community transport provision.  As part of this, in order to meet need identified by draft business plan, £50,000 is sought for two new accessible people carriers.