‘Billy Connolly – ‘Excerpt’

‘Billy Connolly – ‘Excerpt’
The Guardian, by Kevin McKenna


As a Glaswegian, words can never adequately describe my pride in what Billy Connolly has achieved in his life and career. No other Glaswegian in living memory has represented my city better. He caused the men and women of my father’s generation to walk a little taller and experience a little more pride in being Glaswegian at a time when the world associated this city with violence, disease and alcohol abuse. 


He is in the early stages of a disease that he knows, and we know, will eventually silence him. Yet his courage and humour in the face of it was evident last week in a BBC Scotland programme that recorded his reaction to a special gift the city had bestowed.


Glasgow city council and BBC Scotland commissioned three of the country’s finest artists to produce artwork celebrating Connolly and his life. These have now appeared as massive murals throughout the city to mark his 75th birthday. Those closest to him will be proud that Britain has made him a knight, but for a long time Glaswegians have regarded him as a prince.