Bigger, Better, Bolder – the SSEC Manifesto

Bigger, Better, Bolder: Social enterprise solutions for Scotland

The manifesto of the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition



The manifesto was launched on 16th November 2006. Here is the introduction and link to the full document.


Social enterprise is a dynamic way of doing business that can transform communities and drive profound and lasting social change. By combining a business approach with a commitment to community benefit, social enterprises deliver solutions that are bigger, better, bolder and fit for 21st century Scotland.


Bigger because they seek to deliver the greatest possible benefit to their community and drive change faster, wider and deeper.


Better because they are community-focused, promote participation and are sustainable – making them better equipped to deliver long-term change.


Bolder because their independence enables social enterprises to be innovative and ambitious.


However, the sector can be bigger, better and bolder still with the right support and political will.


The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition calls on Scotland’s politicians to:


Grow the economy

– By delivering 10% of public spending through social enterprise by 2012.


Improve public services

– By making community benefit clauses standard in all public procurement contracts.


Transform communities

– By making it easier for communities to acquire and use assets as a catalyst for enterprise.


Change lives

– By developing a national supported employment programme for those furthest from the labour market.


Realise sustainability

– By creating new investment funds for businesses that deliver social or environmental benefits.


Download the Full Document as pdf here: