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The consultation mentioned in the article has been about policy directions we receive on our funding distributed in England and through our UK portfolio, which is a slice of funding (10%) that we use to fund proposals that can come from or benefit anywhere across the UK (or indeed multiple places across the four countries).


That tends to fund proposals that stretch across countries, so some Scottish organisation and certainly Scottish communities could benefit, often in partnerships with their sister organisations.


The funding we distribute in Scotland is shaped and delivered here in Scotland, and relates to policy directions we receive from the Scottish Government. That’s our main relationship and the programmes Senscot has been involved in like our Community Assets work etc are responsive to those policy directions not the ones mentioned in the article.


So, in short, this consultation was mostly about England, but there’s a small bit that relates to a relatively small amount of funding that is on offer UK wide. It’s not about any of our Scotland-specific work.


It’s quite right that organisations have had the opportunity to contribute to the consultation as National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Directory of Social Change and New Philanthropy Capital have done, and indeed since the proposals also relate to our UK portfolio we’d expect some Scottish organisations to have had a view too. 


Overall, as a public body it’s clearly right that we receive policy directions from Ministers. Our experience of these, certainly in recent times, is that they have been high level and enabling. Indeed, our latest directions from Scottish Ministers are strongly aligned with the consultation BIG Scotland did ourselves on our new funding offer – focused on community empowerment and tackling inequality.