Big news for Scotland’s social entrepreneurs

Big news for Scotland’s social entrepreneurs
Big Issue Invest Scotland

Big Issue Invest Scotland (BIIS) is the ground-breaking new investment choice for our nation’s social entrepreneurs. BIIS is here for those who are looking for more.

This essential joint venture brings together DSL Business Finance, Scotland’s not-for-profit lender with its impressive 21 years’ worth of grass roots investment and The Big Issue’s influential investment arm, The Big Issue Invest.
More than the money

“We invest in businesses led by social entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We understand firsthand how good social enterprises can do great things.”
Nigel Kershaw CEO, Big Issue Invest and Chair, The Big Issue Driven by commercial common sense and desire for positive change, BIIS ensures Scotland’s social enterprises, can access the type and level of funding and support they need to help tackle poverty and inequality.

Big Issue Invest Scotland’s clear vision and shared ethos means and offers much more than just finance.
For further information download the flyer (PDF) or contact:
David Cousland General Manager
DDI: +44 (0)141 425 2935
DSL Business Finance Moorpark Court 5 Dava Street Glasgow G51 2JA
Tel: +44 (0)141 425 2930