Big hitter Mayo appointed CEO of Co-ops UK

Big hitter Mayo appointed CEO of Co-ops UK
Henry Palmer, Social Enterprise Magazine

National trade association Co-operatives UK has appointed Ed Mayo, the current head of the powerful consumer watchdog Consumer Focus, as its new CEO.

Mayo, who will replace Dame Pauline Green who retires this autumn, is well known for his work in helping to found the Fairtrade Mark and setting up the anti-poverty Jubilee 2000 campaign while he was chief executive of think tank the New Economics Foundation.

In 2003 he was appointed CEO of the National Consumer Council, which later became Consumer Focus.

Mayo said: ‘In the current economic climate, I see more interest than ever in mutual and co‑operative ownership models. Businesses find themselves in extremely challenging times and those of us committed to the mutually-owned business model should seize this moment to demonstrate how co-operatives can help the UK weather the current economic storm.

‘We now have a real opportunity to deepen understanding of co-operatives and how they deliver tangible and valuable benefits to their communities, employees and members.’

Chair of Co-operatives UK, Ben Reid, said: ‘We are looking forward to working with Ed Mayo over the coming years. His dedication to and passion for co-operatives will be a great asset to us as we continue to demonstrate the value of business co-operation to the UK economy.’

Mayo is currently nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and The Guardian described him as one of the top 100 influential figures in UK social policy.

From the Social Enterprise Magazine