BIG Decision on SVA Programme

BIG Decision on SVA Programme

Following the meeting of the Big Lottery Fund’s Scotland Country Committee last week, colleagues from the CVS network, SCVO, the Scottish Government’s Third Sector Team, VDS and CAS met BIG staff today to hear the Committee’s view on the SVA programme.

BIG has announced its intention to invest at total of £8.4m in the SVA programme. The following four project strands have been formally approved and will form Phase One of the programme:

* Quality Matters
* Collaboration and Connectivity
* Managing Intelligence
* New activities, including Change Champion projects

In Phase Two, three project strands will require further development before consideration by the Committee in Spring 2008:

* Leading the Change
* Developing Organisations
* Investing in Volunteers

It is further understood that the following project strands will not proceed as part of the SVA programme:

* Mainstreaming Equalities
* Strengthening Voices
* Proactive Partnerships
* Supporting Sustainable Growth

In addition, it is understood that the SVA management structures will be reviewed to ensure they are clear, streamlined and able to deliver the range of DInC outcomes, while the percentage of SVA funds committed to managing the programme will be limited to 7%.

SCVO expects to receive a revised offer letter from the Big Lottery Fund within the next few days and further detail will be shared with the CVS network as soon as it becomes available.