BBC launches Community Network

BBC launches Community Network





A new website which has been launched by the BBC called Action Network.  Log on to to register and publicise your own community activities, campaign issue or project. 


Action Network can help you change something in your local area, by putting you in touch with people who feel the same way you do so together you can get something done, or providing you with information and advice you’ll need to help you change your local area for the better.


In Scotland,  Action Network are working in partnership with Action Scotland, a new BBC Radio Scotland programme which broadcasts every Wed morning at 11am. 


The BBC is currently looking for community campaigns and projects to feature on the programme so if you feel like you’d to publicise your cause, you can get in touch with them through the website.


The Action Network site has been awarded top place in the World Forum on e-Democracy’s list of the ‘Top Ten Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics’.