Articulate Cultural Trust – Made with Care


Care experienced young people often don’t think things they create are good enough.  Sometimes they don’t get much opportunity to be creative.  This means they don’t put themselves out there as much as they could or should.


Made with Care is designed to show them what their creativity is really worth by selling what they make or create to the general public.   This is something they can physically see happening, be really involved in and benefit from socially as well as financially.

Service Summary:

Made with Care assists care experienced young people to create original pieces of art, craft, fashion, accessories and homewares that we will sell for a profit to go back into the project, their pocket or as a donation to the charity of their choice.

Unique Selling Point/Competition:

This is a project that you will not see a lot. The fact that it primarily supports care experienced young people is pretty unique.  They are often quite far removed from the centre of things. It is the start of a really important social enterprise that blends creativity, enterprise and employability for young people who are sometime vulnerable and often marginalised.

There is very little to no competition in or around Glasgow or in Scotland for that matter, and if we have an online shop then we can sell as well as represent young creatives from care internationally.  We can image physical spaces, going to trade shows, concessions and pop-up shops as well as online selling world-wide.

The Team/Evolving Model:

Made with Care will be led by Articulate’s young creatives. However, the young people making and selling don’t have to be involved with Articulate, just connecting in when they are able.  But they are really welcome to join events, classes and projects too.

Articulate staff will assist in running the project and building a social business model through connections in the creative industries and cultural sector as well as in the world of social enterprise. 


To date we have created a logo:

We have made hand-crafted and original bags, cushions and candles to sell and are planning a first pop-up event at COLAB in Glasgow on 15 December.  

We have been sharing the new logo and concept softly on social media and the feedback has been really positive.


For now, we want people to join us on 15 December and maybe buy a Christmas gift for someone special. 

In the longer term we want a workshop space and shop to make our products as well as sell what we create.  And a website (www.madewithcare.comm is available but costs £3000) so we can take over the world.

Ashley – Aisha – Dannii – Nicole – Articulate Young Creatives

November 2019