Applecross Needs a GP

Applecross Needs a GP
Applecross Community Company

Dear Laurence,

Applecross is a small community on the north west coast, with a very active population of just over 200. It is one of the areas identified by HIE as fragile and they have funded my post as local development officer under their Community Account Management initiative. The anchor organisation I work for is Applecross Community Company – we are working on a lot of projects to increase the resilience of our community.

Our resident GP has resigned and is going soon and we’re looking for a new one (or ideally more than one). This is not the sort of job which would appeal to your normal doctor these days, it is not so well paid, they provide 24/7 cover and they need to be able to cope with quite a lot on their own before help arrives. However we are convinced that there are a few out there who it would suit perfectly. I would be particularly keen to get someone who understands and appreciates what can be achieved through community empowerment and who would work with us on that, hence the reason I think Senscot would be a good route for attracting attention.

We have a Facebook page Applecross needs a GP, which we would like to ask Bulletin readers to like, and a website created by a local person through which the NHS advert can be accessed. The closing date is 9th August, hence the urgency.

I would be happy to provide more info if you would be able to help at all.


Alison Macleod
Local Development Officer
Applecross Community Company
The Schoolhouse
IV54 8LU
Tel: 01520 744348
Company number SC342825
Applecross Community Company is a registered charity: SC042865