All SEN Session: Flexible Working & Mental Wellbeing – Monday 14th September 3pm-4pm


This session will explore flexible working as one of the ways to support staff mental health & wellbeing as organisations move out of Phase 3 and towards Phase 4 of Scotland’s Route Map.  During Lockdown and earlier Phases, social enterprises shared their concerns about the impact of covid-19 on the mental health & wellbeing of their workforce, also recognising that further issues will undoubtedly emerge as we move forward towards a ‘new normal’ and the uncertainties that will accompany this.   


How organisations support their people to manage work related changes alongside the vast array of other changes being experienced and subsequent pressures (e.g. financial, care responsibilities, etc) is crucial in ensuring a strong sector that can effectively contribute towards Scotland’s recovery from Covid-19 and #BuildBackBetter. Consideration of flexible working is just one way to support employees whilst also benefiting the organisation improve performance and build resilience.  


We are delighted to have input from the following speakers at this session: 


  • Lisa Gallagher (Flexibility Works) will provide an overview of flexible working and the benefits it offers to both staff & businesses 


  • Geoff Leask (Young Enterprise Scotland) will talk about how their organisation has adapted with increased flexibility in the workplace & the benefits of this.  


  • Claire Carpenter (The Melting Pot) will explain the benefits of Coworking Spaces as a valuable form of flexible working, particularly as we move towards Phase 4. 


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