Join us now and connect with the Social Enterprise community.

Senscot recognises three types of membership: Full Company Member, Associate Member and Donors.


Full Company Members

Senscot is a limited company owned by its members. Our network remains loose and widespread (around 4,000 people). Full company membership of Senscot is a more deliberate decision. Collectively, our company members ‘own’ Senscot.

Company Members:

  • Are individuals who support our aims.
  • Opt for an annual membership.
  • Pay an annual company member fee according to means. (Average £25).
  • Are eligible to stand for office and vote at the company’s AGM.
  • The list of company members is posted on our website.


Donate online and become a Full Company Member:

Adele Fraser
Adrian Kitchen
Alan Humphries
Alan Kay
Alex Walker
Andrew Robinson
Angela Gribben
Angus Hardie
Calum Macaulay
Carola Bell
Carolynn Cruickshank-Gray
Cathy Sharp
Catriona Haston
Charlie Irvine
Claire Pattullo
Colin Campbell
David Maxwell
David Niven
David Cousland
David Cook
David Gee
David Ashford
Declan Jones
Denis Mooney
Derek Marshall
Derek Crook
Di Alexander
Donald Boyd
Douglas Westwater
Edward Mayo
Emma Galloway
Eric Munro
Foster Evans
Gaynor Humphreys
Glenys Watt
Gordon Hodgson
Heather Alexander
Hugh Rolo
Iain Gulland
Ian Hepburn
Ian Whiteford
James Henderson
Jane Churchill
Jane Cotton
Janet Davidson
Jayne Chappell
Jennifer Connaughton
Jim Bristow
John Watt
John Halliday
John MacDonald
John Findlay
John Gordon
John Watson
John Dugdale Bradley
Julie Christie
Kay Kay
Kevin McDermott
Kim Siu
Lawrence Jamieson
Lee Gershuny
Leona McDermid
Leslie Huckfield
Linda Gillespie
Liz Gardiner
Malcolm Hayday
Margaret Tait
Marie Campbell
Martin Meteyard
Mary Rhind
Maureen Porch
Michael Carberry
Miles Harrison
Morag MacDonald
Niall Alexander
Nick Wright
Nick Addington
Nicola Richards
Nikki Maran
Ninian Stuart
Norma Duncan
Norman MacPhail
Osbert Lancaster
Pauline Hinchion
Pauline Graham
Peggy Macnab
Peter Lavelle
Peter Konig
Richard Atkins
Rod Hunter
Rodney Stares
Roger Horam
Ross Paterson
Roy Clunie
Simon Little
Simon Jeffreys
Sophy Green
Stephen Birrell
Stephen Ebbitt
Sue Robertson
Tricia Illsley
Ursula Pretsch
Verene Nicolas
Willie Miller


Associate Members

Senscot is Scotland’s network for social entrepreneurs and as such company members are individuals. Organisations in the Private, Public or Third Sectors which wish to associate with the work of Senscot are invited to become Associate members.

Associate Members:

  • Are organisations which support our aims.
  • Pay an annual fee of £100 approx. (Negotiable for front-line social enterprises)
  • Have unlimited use of our jobs and events advertising service.
  • The list of associate members is posted on our website.


Donate online and become an Associate Member:

Community Enterprise
CVS Falkirk & District
DTA Scotland
Dundee Social Enterprise Network (DSEN)
Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network (ESEN)
Employers For Childcare
Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH)
Fife Social Enterprise Network (FSEN)
Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN)
Grampian Housing Association Ltd
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Instant Neighbour
Kibble Education & Care Centre
Link Group
Scottish Borders Social Enterprise Chamber (SBSEC)
Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust (SCRT)
Small Change (N.I.) Ltd
Social Enterprise Academy
Social Firms Scotland
Social Value Lab
South Ayrshire Social Enterprise Network (SASEN)
The Factory Skatepark
Weslo Housing Management
West Lothian Social Enterprise Network (WLSEN)


Network Members

Senscot operates on the assumption that there are around 5,000 front-line social enterprises in Scotland. We are continually trying to find and connect up to them. In addition, we estimate that a further 5,000 people and organisations work or trade with social enterprises, and they are also welcome to connect to our network.

Of these notional 10,000 contacts, Senscot links around 4,000 of them into an electronic community centred on the social enterprise sector in Scotland.


Network Members:

  • Receive the Senscot weekly electronic Bulletin free.
  • Are in full contact with the flow of information and feedback.
  • Are welcome to attend Senscot events.
  • Have unrestricted access to our website.
  • Annual voluntary donations are invited.


Donate online and become a Network Member:

Alison Chapman
Andy Lippok
Ann Packard
Brian Broadley
David Langworth
David Smith
Heather Sim
Howard Armstrong
Jane Rusell
Joyce Woodcock
Lisa Lamont
Ros Houldsworth
Sandy Bryce
Sandy Watson
Stephen McCarron
Thomas James
Tor Justad