About Book – “Where I eat my Bread – that is my Country”

About Book – “Where I eat my Bread – that is my Country”

R B MacLeod
August 2016

Bit of Background


This wee book is a compilation of stories from Migrants or Immigrants —


There is nothing more ordinary and everyday than migration; it is part of who we are. We are all “migrants” or “incomers” – if you go back far enough.  Our routine or stuck ways of thinking leads us to label some people as outsiders. This “them and us” attitude can lead to the building of walls and all sorts of discrimination and prejudice.


Migrants bring new ideas, energy and cultural vitality; we need migrants if we are to grow as a country.


I started recording these stories over a year ago, really as a way of combating the negative media coverage of migrants and refugees but also to show what we have gained from in-migration to the Highlands and Islands.


I contacted various individuals from countries out with the UK who have, or whose families have, settled here in the North.
They all kindly agreed to being interviewed.


It has been a real privilege to hear of their adventures and the courage, resilience and humour with which they faced various difficulties and challenges.


I said that migration is an ordinary enough event – but there are some extraordinary stories here in this collection.


Most of these migrants have been established here for some time but they recall early feelings of isolation and loneliness as well as anxiety and some prejudice. Like all of us what they need is a warm welcome, kindly neighbours and the opportunity to work and to contribute.