A Work in Progress: A Modern Constitution for an Independent Scottish Republic

A Work in Progress: A Modern Constitution for an Independent Scottish Republic
Demos Scotland, by Dr Mark McNaught


We at Demos Scotland are pleased to engage in an ambitious project to develop a written constitution underpinning a Scottish Republic worthy of its people.


While at present there is no official independence campaign, this does not prevent citizens and people of good will and ideas from crowd-sourcing a solid, well thought out constitution worthy of ratification.


For the moment, it is a thought exercise; seeking to give Scots a vision of how the political system could work, how a non-corrupt plutocrat-free government could be constructed, what rights can be constitutionally guaranteed, as well as what citizen obligations pertain.


This Prototype Scottish Constitution has been adapted after a series of conferences, incorporating the ideas presented, followed by review and comments by lawyers, specialists, and clever people from numerous walks of life. This prototype is based heavily on Elliot Bulmer’s Model Constitution for an Independent Scotland of 2013, which in turn was based on Neil MacCormick’s Constitution for a Free Scotland of 2002. This text was derived from A Draft Constitution for an Independent Scotland proposed by the Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly in 1964.


Given this distinguished lineage, all that is needed is collective wisdom to refine it even further. In the very near future, we will be launching a wiki platform version of this draft devoted to further development of the constitution, which members of Demos Scotland will be able to meaningfully contribute to.


While we have no control over whether or how the Scottish government would use the document we produce, we have been and will continue to seek input from anyone of good will, expertise, and insight to construct a political system that is durable, adaptable, and fair to all Scots well into the future.


At the very least, this prototype will show what an independent Scottish political systemcould look like. At most, if we are able to obtain sufficiently broad support and engagement in this project, it could be ratified by majority vote in a referendum after an independence referendum.


Together, let’s see what we can produce. Why not the most progressive and egalitarian constitution in existence?


We look forward to your assistance.


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