A Toxic Media Concentration

A Toxic Media Concentration
Mike Small, Bella Caledonia

The debate about the media in Scotland tends to get reduced to a discussion about broadcast bias or anti-Scottish or anti-independence reporting, all of which are a massive problem. But – as we’ve been arguing for years – the problem is far deeper. It’s not just tax-dodging Press Barons that are distorting democracy it’s the concentration of power and the unabated right-wing messaging that drowns out diversity.

This is a toxic media concentration in which just three companies control 70% of UK newspaper circulation. Please share this post and support us if you value the alternative media.

Read this massive new report from the Media Reform Coalition ‘Who Owns the UK Media?’ They ask:“What does it mean to have a ‘free’ media when the nation’s TV channels, news outlets, radio stations, search engines and social media platforms are owned by a handful of giant corporations?”

Source: Bella Caledonia