A Social Enterprise Strategy for Edinburgh 2013 – 2018

A Social Enterprise Strategy for Edinburgh 2013 – 2018
Enabling Enterprise


This strategy sets out how social enterprises will be key to a vibrant economy that delivers the best
outcomes for the people of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is home to a thriving community of social enterprises and has long been recognised as
a leading centre for social enterprise. In 2005 it became one of the first cities in the UK to have a
dedicated social enterprise strategy when it published ‘A Social Enterprise Strategy for Edinburgh: A
New Way of Doing Business’.
When the first strategy was written there was no directory of social enterprises in the city so it was
not possible to measure the size of the sector. In 2005, a group of social enterprises came together
to form the Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network (ESEN). This was a vehicle for organisations to
share best practice and trade with each other. In 2011 ESEN partnered with Edinburgh Voluntary
Organisations Council (EVOC) and the Volunteer Centre Edinburgh (VCE) to form the Edinburgh Third
Sector Interface, which provides strategic support to social enterprises, third sector organisations and
volunteers. This enabled the sector to participate more closely in community planning and to build
strategic partnerships with other key players.
This is an ambitious strategy that will require buy-in, support and resources from a wide range of
partners and stakeholders.

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