A New Joint Award in Hoarding Practice

A New Joint Award in Hoarding Practice

We are delighted to announce a new Joint Award in Hoarding Practice for professionals who encounter hoarding disorder or chronic disorganisation in the course of their work. 

Hoarding disorder was recently classified as a distinct mental health condition and until now there has been no accredited training provision in the UK for professionals who are supporting individuals affected by this condition. Approximately 4-6% of the UK population are affected by hoarding issues.

Linda Fay, founding director of Life-Pod CIC, and the UK’s sole chronic disorganisation and hoarding specialist has developed, in collaboration with Sue Hudson Craufurd, MINT Trainer, a learning pathway to understand and manage this complex condition.

This training programme is essential for frontline support workers, housing, and health & social care professionals, and will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to help people affected by clutter and hoarding.

The learning pathway is the first of its kind and includes courses in:

* Hoarding Awareness & Interventions

* Helping People Who Hoard

* Motivational Interviewing

And provides a unique opportunity for individuals to work towards becoming a Certified Hoarding Practitioner.

Jackie McCabe, REHIS Director of Training would like to commend Linda for her hard work and dedication during the development of this much needed Joint Award programme.

The photograph shows Tom Bell, REHIS Chief Executive, Linda Fay, founding director of Life-Pod CIC, signing the Joint Award Agreement with Sue Hudson Craufurd and Jackie McCabe at a meeting held in the REHIS Office.