7th Annual Stewardship Lecture: Social Enterprise – the business of the future?

7th Annual Stewardship Lecture: Social Enterprise – the business of the future?


Wednesday 23rd February, 6pm to 9pm


At House of Falkland beyond the Big Tent 2010 festival site.


Nigel set up Hill Holt Wood, a small (34ha) woodland in Lincolnshire, now home to a thriving social enterprise employing over 30 people. Hill Holt is managed in a traditional sense, as habitat (including ancient oak woodland) to be conserved, but also looking to the future, using the natural resources to achieve employment, education and learning goals – proving the value of ancient woodland for the 21st century. David Cameron visited Hill Holt while he was formulating his Big Society ideas when still in opposition. In his lecture, Nigel will ask what David Cameron’s ‘big idea’ of the Big Society really means. Is it a smokescreen for major cuts in government, or could it actually be that the opposite is true – that as a result of the economic crisis the real changes taking place are truly profound? Does ‘Big Society’ signal the end of business as we have known it for the past 100 years?


This event is sponsored by the Forestry Commission Scotland, at a time that it is facing unprecedented cuts and threats to its own forest stewardship.


Price includes a supper of local food and a glass of organic wine.


Cost: £15 full price or £10 concession (Friends of Falkland’s Heritage, students, senior citizens etc).


Tickets going fast from info@centreforstewardship.org.uk