50 in 250 Event

50 in 250 Event
Social Enterprise Mark

Event details:

14th June 2-4pm, Stirling (venue tbc)

A half-day event to bring together private, public and social enterprise organisations to identify opportunities for positive procurement and actually ‘do business’.

Promote the concept of outsourcing work to a social enterprise

Offer a shop front to the people already working in this way

If you are a private company or public organisation looking to find out how you can deliver real social value, develop easy corporate social responsibility and engage social enterprise with your supply chain, then you should attend.   There will be the opportunity to hear how other organisations have developed positive procurement, learn about how the Public Services Bill may affect your organisation and meet with key social enterprises from around the area.


Private sector
Key Decision Makers
Councillors – Economic Development
Chief Executives – Councils, Charities, Businesses, Social Enterprises, Housing Associations, Regeneration Boards
Funding Bodies – Big Lottery, LTCAS,
Civil servants – Health Boards, Procurement Teams
Third Sector and Social Enterprises in general