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7th May 2009

Are we at the centre of Scotland’s perfect storm?

Are we at the centre of Scotland's perfect storm?Stephen Maxwell, TfN01.05.09 Dont read this if you are of a nervous disposition. It attempts to establish the scale of the challenge for the Scottish B…
1st May 2009

Networks1st Update: 1st May 2009

In March, Senscot held an event to discuss the prospect of the Social Enterprise Mark (SEM) being rolled out in England. Since then the UK Social Enterprise Coalition has given the SEM its backing, an…
Senscot Bulletin
1st May 2009

Senscot Buletin 01.05.09

Dear members and friends, A good friend, whom I have not seen for many years, got in touch last week – visiting Edinburgh – we went for lunch.  Simon and I studied for the priesthood 195…