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For anyone interested in #SocEnt, take a look at Cllr @RhiannonV putting forward a motion on Glasgow's social enterprise strategy and action plan. (Skip to 1h 40m).… Hugely positive and passionate comments from across the floor - worth watching!

About 3 days ago from Senscot's Twitter

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3rd November 2006

Filling the gap in dental services

Filling the gap in dental services Julian GraffThe Observer03.11.06 When Beverley Thomas was laid low by pneumonia and missed a dental appointment, her family was struck off by the local NHS practice …
Bulletin Articles
2nd November 2006

Regeneration in a Civil Society

Regeneration in a Civil Society Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum (SURF) Annual Lecture 2006 by Geoff Mulgan, Director of the Young Foundation The mid 1970s probably marked the moment when regeneratio…