12 Days to Raise £12,000! Carbeth Needs Your Help!

12 Days to Raise £12,000! Carbeth Needs Your Help!
Carbeth Hutters Community Company Newsletter 


We have 12 days to raise £12,000. This amount, added to our own hard-saved funds, will allow us to buy the remaining parcels of land which sit in and around Carbeth Hutting areas. This once in a lifetime offer includes the site of an historic droving inn and two large fields in the middle of the hutting areas.


With this new land, not only would we protect the future of Carbeth Hutting, but we could develop new initiatives to support this special tradition, including: a memorial woodland, wood school, hutting museum and unique off-grid visitor centre. £12,000 would allow us to see off the real threat of a private property developer.


In 2013, after fourteen years of a land dispute, Hutters bought-out the land they occupied for themselves, their families and visitors from around the world. These are not wealthy people, but a genuinely diverse community from areas of Glasgow and Clydebank with historic connections to Carbeth and from further afield.


We are builders, artists, carers, youth workers, trades unionists, teachers, reformed addicts. We are also fun, enterprising, welcoming and passionate. And we need your help.


Carbeth has had a special place in Scottish history for nearly one hundred years. Now is the time you can join our story and put the final piece of the jigsaw in place as part of our centenary celebrations.


Just ten miles outside Glasgow and yet a lifetime away from tarmac roads and constant electronics, the Carbeth Hutters’ Community thrives on being off-grid and supporting neighbours. Connected to the past, but demonstrating a sustainable model for the future.


Every donation, no matter how small will help us to fully secure Carbeth for future generations!


Donations can be made on their website