Well-Fed Scotland

Well-Fed Scotland

Established in 2017, Well-Fed CIC aim to build stronger communities through addressing issues such as food poverty and social isolation.


Working to find community-led solutions to enhance economic and social mobility, Well-Fed  operate a community café from their site within the Whiteinch Centre in Glasgow.


Fresh and healthy homecooked food is made available at affordable prices, with the proceeds used to fund and sustain local projects.
Working in conjunction with FareShare Glasgow, Well-Fed have been able to offer free breakfasts for children from their site at the Whiteinch Centre, with fruit, cereal, toast and pancakes on offer all throughout the summer holidays.


Bingo nights are held during weekday evenings for local residents, while other events including beach-themed parties are thrown at the weekend, complete with live music, games and barbeques.


Community buffets are also a regular feature at the Whiteinch Centre, with a mixture of live entertainment and community engagement to accompany the provision of food.


Other initiatives that are currently facilitated by Well-Fed include:

A youth enterprise committee (in partnership with the WSHA) where young people within the community are replicating our business model with all proceeds being deposited into credit union accounts in the name of the individual committee members.
Setting up and recruiting for 2 4 week blocks of conversation cooking for parents and their teenage children, which will be led by myself and will aim to address some of the hot topics for young people growing up in a relaxed and safe environment.
We are also in the process of planning for 12 monthly community meal events, each of which will take on the theme of a different country. We aim to break down some of the cultural barriers  as well as allow people to try new foods whilst learning about new cultures as well as experiencing new cultural entertainment and enjoying themselves in a social setting.


Well-Fed is led by a team of directors, while the most pressing needs of the community it serves are identified by a committee of community advisors.


Whiteinch Centre is an independent community facility owned by the people of Whiteinch. It provides a hub at the heart of the community and aims to make Whiteinch a vibrant place to live, work and play.



For more information, contact:


Well-Fed (Scotland) CIC ,
The Whiteinch Centre ,
1 Northinch Court, Glasgow ,
G14 0UG ,
United Kingdom ,


Email: enquiries@well-fedscotland.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellfedscotlandcic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WellFedScotland