Wee Green

Wee Green

Edinburgh-based Wee Green seek to address social isolation and loneliness in the Leith area of the city through a sustainable community business, with all generated profits being used to confront this issue at a local level.


Established in 2017, the business will boast a local produce grocery shop, a community kitchen, a café plus a catering service to support and enable their social activity.


Using the concept of ‘Good Local Food’, Wee Green aim to offer an everyday solution to support a growing social need.


Their aim is to harness the potential of the Leith community, and in turn, encourage more locally sustainable food and catering choices.
Wee Green seek to support the people and groups on the margins of the community, who are known, or at risk of isolation and loneliness, through food and social-based activity.


The enterprise offers food and crafts that showcase the best of the local makers and producers in Leith.


With a strong focus on ‘Local Capacity Building’ and ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, Wee Green want to create a shop full of offerings that have been made in Leith, and representative of the whole community.


The community kitchen is the focal point of the operation, capable of catering for all aspects of the business, as well as providing development opportunities to people in the local area, particularly those isolated by unemployment. All Wee Green jobs will be reserved for local residents.


Wee Green harbour ambitious plans to evolve the enterprise to include a community outreach program, to give the more isolated members in the Leith community better access to basic provisions and support.



For more information, contact:


Website:          http://www.weegreen.scot/
Email:              admin@weegreen.scot
Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/weegreenleithcommunity/
Twitter:           @wee_green